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AGB Properties is a mother & daughter owned company. Gill Brown and Alicia Brown made the move to Ibiza in 2022 after the loss of their husband/father to covid19.  

Previously, Gill worked for the family builders merchant in the UK and has over 20+ years experience in property development. Alicia owned her own boutique and has 5 years customer service and management experience. Together, they present AGB Properties.


Our mission is to provide non-resident property owners absolute peace of mind by looking after their holiday home with the love and care they would provide themselves. We also oversee refurbishments, interior design, providing guidance and more to help you maximise your rental return. Each rental service is tailored to suit the owners needs and limiting the number of rentals we contract ensures we provide a high quality service. 

Guests in our properties are given outstanding around the clock customer service by us and our team of trusted contractors that will help with any concern, giving you 100% peace of mind. 


We make it a point to be involved and stay involved through all the stages of the property transaction process. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent out or sell, we promise to work hard on your behalf to ensure you get the best service possible, having gone through the process ourselves.

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